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What is is a website which showcases MULTIVAC Certified pre-owned and remanufactured packaging machines available for sale.

Are all MULTIVAC packaging machines offered on pre-owned? features in-stock inventory of either pre-owned packaging machines or machines that have been used by MULTIVAC, Inc. for demonstration or display purposes – models which typically includes special innovative features, last year’s showroom models, etc.

Where does MULTIVAC source pre-owned packaging machines?

Most MULTIVAC machines found on are trade-in units that come directly from our existing customer base. Many customers regularly evaluate their businesses and purchase newer models to cover expanding production, packaging design changes, the addition of accessory options or simply because they desire a new model.

In what condition are the packaging machines MULTIVAC, Inc. receives?

Conditions of pre-owned packaging machines vary. Sources range from small business owners running a packaging machine one hour per day to large processors and packagers that operate their equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

When is a machine ready for the Multivac Resale website?

All packaging machines available via are prepared for delivery to your plant with one goal in mind: to provide our customer with a ready-to-run machine that will immediately produce packages with trouble-free operation for years to come. The level of machine preparation depends upon the incoming machine condition. Upon completion of our demanding quality inspections and multi-point certification process along with sanitation, replacement of wear/tear parts, etc., the machine is prepared for shipment.

What does fully remanufactured mean?

Our full remanufacturing process begins with only the original machine chassis being retained. Every machine component that has experienced wear is replaced with new, genuine OEM MULTIVAC replacement parts, including chains, sprockets, bearings, motors, valves, belts, amplifiers, contactors, overloads, relays, hoses, etc. These new OEM components are installed onto the fully sanitized chassis by our OEM factory trained technician. MULTIVAC, Inc. uses only factory supplied fixtures which are assembled to factory certified specifications. We do not rebuild by simply replacing parts, we remanufacture.

Why is the “OEM Certified” designation so special?

You won’t find OEM Certified MULTIVAC pre-owned and remanufactured packaging equipment anywhere else. Use of high quality OEM components guarantees performance of all MULTIVAC Certified pre-owned or remanufactured packaging machines. This, along with accurate re-assembly to factory specifications, is essential to protect your investment and ensure a productive machine life.

Do the machines come with any warranty?

All machines offered via come with a full manufacturer warranty.

Do we get the full support of Multivac worldwide support services?

MULTIVAC is devoted to packaging success. All of our customers, regardless of their size and purchase, have immediate access to our devoted team of MULTIVAC packaging experts in engineering, parts, service and our renowned packaging research center. Our staff is recognized worldwide for their devotion to our customers and their unparalleled packaging know-how and ability to address your most difficult packaging challenges. The result: Success, for both you and MULTIVAC.

Why do some models featured on include a notation of “Europe” and others “USA”?

In addition to our wide array of pre-owned packaging equipment inventory in Kansas City, Missouri, we also have access to inventories at our company headquarters in Germany. Therefore, if you can’t find a specific pre-owned packaging machine on our website, please contact us as we may be able to locate the specific model you desire.

How can I get pricing for pre-owned packaging equipment or MULTIVAC remanufacturing services?

Either submit your request online using the “Request A Quote” button located on our web site, or call us at
866-360-7356. Our dedicated packaging specialists are standing by to assess your application and production needs and prepare a quotation.

Contact us today if you have any remaining questions that have not been answered about the MULTIVAC packing machines we have in stock. We are proud to serve clients across the world.